The Filmmaker

VICE & CONSENT is the first feature length documentary from director Howard Scott Warshaw. Colorado born, Jersey raised, and New Orleans schooled, Warshaw worked in Silicon Valley for 25 years during which he took a meteoric (and colorful) ride as a star in the early gaming industry. While delivering several million-selling video games and thoroughly exploring the technical realm, he found time to teach classes, give seminars, learn photography, get formal training in filmmaking, and write two books. Warshaw feels seduced by the challenge of combining sound and image so that they become both evocative and communicative.

Director’s Filmography

From There To Here: Scenes of Passage, runtime 19 min. Aired on San Jose PBS affiliate KTEH. is the story of two women from one family who fled Russia for the USA. Their trips were some 60 years apart yet the parallels are startling.

Once Upon ATARI, a four-part documentary series revealing the neurotic excesses of those working behind the scenes creating a new media and a cultural phenomenon, included four 30 min. episodes. One episode aired on San Jose PBS affiliate KTEH.