“An intimate glimpse into a lifestyle which until now has not been available to mainstream society.”

Are there popular myths and stereotypes left to shatter about the sexual underworld? Absolutely! VICE & CONSENT features prominent, long-standing members of San Francisco’s BDSM (Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sado-Masochism) community telling the uncensored truth about their fascinating yet misunderstood lifestyle. A lifestyle described by director Howard Scott Warshaw as “intimacy wrapped in very scary paper.” This award winning documentary exposes the truth about something most people believe they already know. VICE & CONSENT is an intimate look at individual journeys and lessons learned, offering eye-opening revelations for the uninitiated, genuine fun for veteran players and, for those perplexed by their own unconventional behavior, an oasis of support and validation. It also delivers the humor of BDSM, something never before seen in kink-related media.

Whether it’s for your own good feeling, as that special gift for fellow kinksters or as the perfect way to open a “coming out” discussion, VICE & CONSENT fills an important space in every player’s toy bag.

“A great way to see just how down-to-earth kinky people can be.” – Lisa Chavez, Alt.com