"This film's perspective is somewhat unique in that it shows the intimate side of BDSM play. For example, life-partners Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy each speak about some of the scenes they've had. In their candid responses to interviewer/director Howard Scott Warshaw, not only do you get to see the way BDSM dynamics work in a long-term situation, but you catch glimpses, between the lines, of the way these two kinky women have come to respect, understand and appreciate each other.." Read the rest
Lisa Chavez, Magazine

"We were utterly spellbound while watching this DVD and we feel it’s a must see for everyone. The most experienced player and the novice will both benefit from seeing it. Groups that teach BDSM history should include this in their teachings. Beginners and even those just wondering what BDSM is all about should view this documentary. If more "vanilla" people would see Vice & Consent maybe they wouldn’t think we "kinksters" were so weird. Perhaps they would even try it a few times so they would better understand the rush we get...." Read the rest

"[Vice & Consent] is tasteful, psychologically savvy, non-offensive, thought-provoking, accurate, and funny. Worth previewing." 
– Ms. W, SF Bay Area Counselor

"It is a real contribution to our community and I'm very proud to be a part of it."
–Sybil Holiday, Author & Sex Counselor

"Of the many lifestyle documentaries in the market, VICE & CONSENT is the one body of work that I have participated in as an educator that presents BDSM and its intricacies accurately … VICE & CONSENT is sure to stimulate conversation, provoke thought and hopefully provide an intimate glimpse into a lifestyle which until now has not been available to mainstream society. "   
Evil Mommy Tina, lifestyle educator, 2005

" I thought it was well done, professional and perfectly laid out... this movie opened up a dialogue between us about what we like, want and find hot.  We also discussed our pasts more and things we had done before we knew each other.  We both learned a little bit more about each other last night."   
D.H. Los Angeles